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    Painting your home?

    Are you considering painting/repainting a room or office space?  Which color are you thinking?  And why that color?  Here is a little input on the psychology part of each color:

    RED- It raises the energy level of a room, may increase appetite and stimulate conversation.
    YELLOW- Creates strong feelings of positivity, happiness and creativity.  It could be used in small spaces, halls or entires to make them feel large and welcoming.
    BLUE: Brings down blood pressure, giving a calming feeling.  Mainly used in bedrooms and bathrooms.
    GREEN- It is suited for any room.  Creates a calming effects that promotes tranquility and health.
    PURPLE: Gives a luxury feeling and can bring an exotic tone to a room.
    ORANGE: This has a very energetic feeling.  Perfect for a fitness room.
    GRAY: Creates a feeling of serenity, calmness and sophisticated.
    BROWN: Represents nature, encourages people to slow down.

    After reading through the psychology of color, did your color ideas change?  Or which color would you paint in which room?  Share your ideas with us on our Facebook page,

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