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Electrical Tips

We know how important electrical safety is in your home.  We’ve got a few safety tips every homeowner should know.

  1. When pulling out a plug, pull the plug itself and not the cord.
  2. Avoid heat and moisture, this could be hazardous.
  3. Never overload an outlet, reduce multi-outlet converters.
  4. Use plastic coverings for your outlets, this will child-proof the plug ins..
  5. Check your fuses, turn off appliances before replacing blown fuses.
  6. When something is not in use, unplug it.
  7. Inspect cords regularly for damage.
  8. Extension cords are used only for a temporary basis.

These are just a few tips, do you have more tips to add onto our list?  If so, comment on our blog, we love hearing your ideas.

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