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Declutter the Garage

You ever notice how most people with an attached 2 car garage never park there vehicle in the garage?  There typically is no room to park a vehicle in there, due to the clutter over flow of “stuff”.  The following are some tips on how to declutter your garage.

-Designate a weekend to the cleaning process.
-Make it be a family event. The more the marrier.

Create four piles and go thru every item and place it in the appropriate pile.  A good question you can ask yourself is, “Have I used this particular item within the last year?”  If not, put it in donate, toss or sell pile.
1- Keep
2- Donate
3- Sell
4- Toss

-Keep the floor clean and clear.
-Larger items such as, tools, bikes, ect. hang on the wall.
-Store items in a rubber container to keep out rodents/bugs.
-Organize related items together, auto oils, paints, sports equipment, ect.
-Frequently used items, store within easy reach.
-Rarely used items such as holiday decorations, store on higher shelves or in ceiling storage.

We hope you found these tips a little helpful for decluttering your garage.

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